Dilkusha, the unforgotten history

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 On December 15th we, KW Annals visited an exhibition about Dilkusha in Seoul Museum of History.  We had a chance to learn about the Dilkusha a historical site located in Hanengchon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. This building used to treat as a haunted house because of its bleak outlooks and has been forgotten between people. Many people presume the existence of building but none of them can precisely explain what this building was. While this building was kept being forgotten between people, one American named Bruce Tickell Taylor requested Ik-sang Kim, a professor at Seoul University to find Mr. Taylor's house that he used to live in his early days. It took many hours to find this house, because of Mr, Taylor has only a little information about this house, the location fo the place where he used to live. However, they found the western style building covered with red bricks which located next to an old ginko tree. This building's name was Dilkusha and this story spreads through the world.
 Without the dedication of Taylor's family, it would be hard to run an exhibition about the Dilkusha. Speaking of the relation between Dilkusha and Taylor's family, Albert Wilder Taylor and Mary Linley Taylor were the owners of the Dilkusha and had lived there for longwhile until they moved back to the US. Albert Wilder Taylor was a businessman ran a Minning company named Unsan Gold mine. In order to run a company, he came to Joseon. While running a company he worked as a temporary Associated Pressed and covered the March 1st Movement and Jeam-ri Massacre in 1919.  In the exhibition, there are many artifacts about Taylor's family which can make you feel you go back to 1910. The exhibition also contains many art pieces about the daily lives of the people in Joseon as well. I was impressed by this touching stories of Dilkusha and his dedication to our history. If you are interested in the history of early 1900s fell free to visit Seoul Museum of History and feel the lives of 1900s as well. 
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Lee Ju-hee

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