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- Natural Instinct or Immoderate Avarice?

Sky Castle, which is the TV drama broadcasted on JTBC, is the hottest talk of the town. The rating recorded just by 1.4% on the first episode, however it has gone up rapidly. The latest episode recorded over 20%! This record is as high as Dokkaebi, which is the highest TV drama rating record within the General Service Program channels. What makes publics so much enthusiastic about Sky Castle? Above all things, the salient subject material is about obsession with prestigious school to be belong to the noble family. To enter the prestigious school, such as Seoul National University, is the fastest and the most apparent way to be a noble family in Korea. Therefore, the rich invests large amount of money to their children’s private education. Some family in Sky Castle employee expert coordinator to manage their children’s overall college entrance course. It costs over 1,780,000 dollars! This has been the constant debatable issue among the public. Some people say that it is just normal capitalism structure that human longs for the luxury, gorgeous life than the humble things. However, the others say that blind avarice would bring the division between social classes. They are worrying that the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger. What do you think about this agenda? Besides, the other facts to make Sky Castle popular are characters and dramatic interpretation. There are 4 families that lead the story. Mrs. Han is main character who has been tough life and she is obsessive with her daughter Ye-Seo’s success, which is to enter the College of Medicine of Seoul National University. Mrs. Han and her employed coordinator Ms. Kim commit some crimes to make sure of Ye-Seo’s enter. Ms. Kim even kill a student who is a competitor of Ye-Seo. As a result, Mrs. Han is getting pressured by guilty. Also, there are some tempo control between the scenes. Sometimes the story is getting mounting tension, but the scene transits into the alleviating tension. Sky Castle now leave only 1 episode. With its implicative message and the superb dramatic interpretation, it would be the memorable TV drama.


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