A Reunite that takes 47 years long

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▲ Christine Pennell·50(Right side) and Kim Haelen·48(Left side) meet at the Daegu Station.

 There was Korean sisters who were adopted separately to the U.S. and Europe and have never known each other’s existence during 47 years. The sister, who had a dramatic reunion in their birth hometown of Daegu. I know her personally, so I met her as a Kwangwoon annals reporter and had small interview few days ago.

 50-year-old Christine Pennell of American nationality and 48-year-old Kim Haelen of Belgian nationality met again dramatically in their hometown of Daegu after 47 years. Older sister Christine was found at the age of three on November 3, 1971, and moved to an orphanage called Ilsimwon. Young sister Kim was found in Daegu station Square on December 3, 1971, two months old, and she was sent to White lily(an orphanage). The next year, older sister Christine was adopted to the U.S. and younger sister Kim was adopted to Belgium, and they have been unaware of each other's existence for 47 years.

 But at the end of last year, the sisters' relationship was re-connected. Kim did a DNA test to get a kidney surgery, and she found out that on the other side of the globe, there was a biological sister whose DNA matched 100 percent. A year ago, Christine registered her genetic information with the same company. Christine says "I got an e-mail (from a genetic testing company) and found out that I have a sister. I've been wanting to know who my family is through whole my life. I was so happy and moved that I couldn’t stop burst into tears.” After they got to know each other, they talked to each other almost every night on a video call. To sister, it’s amazing that they look alike, not only in their appearance, but also in their appetite for fish-hating and love to dancing.

 Now the last wish left for the two is to meet their biological parents. They say there's too much to ask, and they've never blamed their parents at all time. And she added “If my  parents are still alive, I’d like to find them. Other brothers and sisters too. I have the hope of meeting my biological parents. That’s why I came to Korea.”

Choe Hongrak

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