Sudden Appearance Of A Shark And Environment

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- A shark appearanced at Jeju Hamdeok Beach

Last July 8th, a shark showed up at Jeju Hamdeok Beach at about 12:30 p. m. One swimmer watched a black fin in the sea and he thought it was a dolphin. He approached it to see it closely, however it was not the dolphin, it was 'the shark'. He was so surprised and filmed a video. There were 100 people in the Hamdeok Beach. Immediately, after the shark was spotted, life guards evacuated all the swimmers and closed down the beach. The shark disappeared out to sea in 10 minutes and maritime police searched but couldn't find it. Fortunately, there were no casualties or demage and the beach opened again after about 1 hour.


▲ Video capture, The shark that appeared at Jeju Hamdeok Beach 이미지 출처=연합뉴스

In the video, the shark was 1-2m long and had triangle-type, V-type fins on its back and tail. Professor 김병엽 in Jeju National maritime College recognized it was exactly shark and he said it was exceptional circumstance. Jeju island's surroundings are habitats of 'Indo-Pacific Bottlennose Dolphins(남방큰돌고래)‘, they and sharks are in competition, so sharks don't enter the coast.

Some people said this situation is because of 'Environment'. Recently, the sea's water temperature increased. They think it changed the habitat environment of Indo-Pacific Bottlennose Dolphins and made a gap that the sharks can come in the coast. Actually, in Korea, the sharks mostly lived out at sea, but these days some sharks appeared in the sea near to us. A white shark was caught in the sea near Geojedo Island in 2019, and the other white shark was found off the coast of Samcheok, Gangwon in nets with dead in 2018. In 2014, some white sharks were observed in the sea near Gosung.

Relationship between the shark that appeared in Jeju and environment problem is not exact, however relation between appearances of sharks and the rise in sea temperature is clear. According to rising temperature, the coast is becomimg a suitable habitat for sharks. Global Warming is one reason of rising sea temperature.

We have run to here only looking our profits, goals regardless of other things. Environment are closely related to us and now, environmental problems are revealing just what they mean to us. We are threatening our own safety. What should we do to solve this situation?

Jeju Hamdeok Beach 이미지 출처=조은서


Cho Eun-Seo

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