‘Aladdin’ recorded ten million audience in Korea

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There are a lot of Disney movies that people enjoyed such as ‘Zootopia’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Frozen’ etc. These movies became popular because of their interesting stories and impressive music. Some of them were directed like musical so people can immerse in the main characters’ performances.

On May 23th, Disney released the new movie called ‘Aladdin’. Its original animation was already well known and also praised all over the world for its cinematic and musical perfection so the audience worried about the quality of the movie. Although its trailers did not meet the audience’s expectations, the movie recorded ten million audience in 53 days. The biggest reason is that this movie has both ‘familiarity’ and ‘distinction’. The story is already familiar with people so they can return to their childhood. The one thing that makes it special is the role of ‘Jasmine’. Jasmine is a princess and the main character in the movie. Actually, she was out of the picture and did not song alone in the animation movie even the other main characters did. However, she became an active person in this movie. She is oppressed by her status but tries to escape from unreasonable situation. “Speechless” is an original track of the movie that reveals how the movie portrays Jasmine. The actress, Naomi Scott who acted as Jasmine was so passionate that all the audience were touched and she conveyed her characters’ feeling through this song. Not only Jasmine but the other main characters also showed their charm. All of them have their own unique individuality so the story become more solid than original.

This movie still has a lot of support from the audience and released in the cinema. The ‘Aladdin’ became one of the most successful examples of dramatization in Disney movie so people are looking forward to upcoming movie. 

Sung Si-yeon

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