The exhibition, ‘Anne of Green Gables’

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▲ The exhibition poster

 There is an exhibition where people can see an animation in their memory. ‘Anne of Green Gables’ remain in people’s memories for a long time and the main character, ‘Anne’, has been loved by many people. The novel ‘Anne of Green Gables’ also has been loved by the world for more then 100 years since its publication.

 This exhibition reinterprets it by the modern way such as display, picture, animation, installation artwork, music and video. It is an opportunity for people to see It in something different way. It consists with 9 chapters and also there is a gift shop. In this exhibition, people can look through Anne’s life and realize her own values through Diana and Gilbert who are her friends, and family. It shows her solitude, sadness and sense of shame but you could realize finally she became an autonomous and active woman. These emotions are shown effectively by various artwork in the exhibition. If you don’t know the exact contents of the novel, there is nothing to worry about because animation video clips and explanation are prepared in each chapter. There are some words what she said are written on the wall. It portrays her own personality and how she overcame her depressed life with positive feeling. After visiting the exhibition, you can memory characters or some impressive lines by many products such as badge, stickers, post cards and posters etc. There are many things to be prepared to remember ‘Anne’ in your daily life.

 If you are curious about her life and story, you should visit and look through the exhibition until October. You would enjoy her life and various artworks. Even though you didn’t know her before, you would love ‘Anne’ through this exhibition. It runs from June 28th to October 31th.


Sung Si-yeon

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