Favourite: The Lido(Libby Page)

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It’s been more than 10 years that I haven't gone to swimming pool. 4 years of taking swimming class was one of the best moments I’ve had in elementary school, but had to quit as I had to study abroad. When I came back, I was already a university student preparing exams and employment. Then I discovered this book in library. Nothing but the word “swimming” caught my eyes. I borrowed it right away and began reading at a café in hot sunny summer. Kate plans to interview Rosemary about shutting down the Lido, one of Brixton’s public facilities. Rosemary has been worrying ever since she heard the news (city council has been considering transforming Lido into a membership sports center) and when Kate came to see her, she was glad to finally tell someone about her thoughts and feelings. While Rosemary and her friends living in town had various ideas to stop city council, Kate, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in being on strike with them. Kate and Rosemary spent much time interviewing for the news article, but there was one condition Kate had to follow; Rosemary insisted to swim together before having an interview. Thus Kate, who fears water, had no choice but to swim. It was a nightmare to Kate but as she got used to the water, the swimming pool, the Lido, she understood why Rosemary wanted to protect the Lido. From that time, Kate, Rosemary and town people gathered to begin the strike and Kate published every moment that happened in the Lido. I was surprised at how the story ended and didn’t realize something, such as swimming pool, could mean so much to a person. reminded me to cherish what is important to myself and don’t hesitate to protect it from taken by others; if something or someone means a world to you, then you need to step up and do your best for it to be not taken away.

Kim Young-jin

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