Favourite: 미스 함무라비(문유석)

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I have known that this book existed for a long time ago but kept hesitated reading it. The main reason was, in fact, I’ve mistaken the book as the book full of legal terms which I have zero interests in. However, I realized I was wrong at every assumptions and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed every part of the story. Moreover, the book has been adapted into Korean drama thus I planned to watch how well they’ve put various episodes in real-life version. 박차오름 and 임바른 are the main lawyers appearing in the stories and their job is to tackle all kinds of law cases. They attend trials and solve cases, and meet other lawyers and members from Department of Justice. It may sound difficult to understand if you have no knowledge in this field, but the writer interpreted all the legal terms appearing in the book so it’s pretty easy to read. What I like most about the book is that it also shows what happens between lawyers and their working environment. As 박차오름 is a female lawyer, I was really hoping to know how females are treated in legal industry (I heard some business fields have a very little percentage of female workers and they aren’t treated right or equally). Coincidentally, the book starts with her story of the first day at work, which starts with her chief commenting about her working outfit. 박차오름 handles the situation in her own style and it was so impactful that it felt like it was part of the main stories. Before reading 미스 함무라비, I didn’t figure out that those stories could actually happen in real life, in my daily life; I’ve only heard news from media and excluding all the possibilities of events that could occur. I highly recommend this book as it clearly verbalized social issues near us and have us think about how we could handle situations.

Kim Young-jin

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