A popular area in Jeju: Aewol

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Jeju Island is a beautiful area of Korea. Most of all, Aewol(애월) is a special place in Jeju. Aewol is located at western part of Jeju. It meets ocean and cliffs had formed by wave erosion, so it has amazing cliffs and beautiful view. Aewol was a filming location for TV drama ‘맨도롱또똣(2015)’. The drama is a story thatt young man and woman run a restaurant ‘맨도롱또똣’ in Aewol, Jeju. It showed Jeju's landscapes and foods. Also, a movie ‘늑대소년(2012)’ shot a scene at ‘물영아리오름’. ‘물영아리오름’ has a picturesque scenery and it supported the charactter's love story like a fairy tale. javascript:autoInsertImg('photo/201908/3600_2347_5710.jpg', '▲ 애월리 바다', '660', 'center', 'i1', '2347') In Aewol, there are a lott of cafes to enjoy beautiful oceans, cliffs and other landscapes. A singer G-Dragon of Big Bang opened his cafe 2 years ago. The cafe became very popular and many other people started to open their cafes, so it is formed cafe streets. One of the popular cafes is 'Palmpane'. It is hot place. The cafe looks like house and there are palm trees in front of cafe. javascript:autoInsertImg('photo/201908/3600_2348_5720.jpg', '▲ cafe palmpane', '660', 'center', 'i2', '2348') It serves delicious coffees and breads. A brownie is popular in the cafe. Its name is 'Cement Brownie' because of its cream. There is black sesame cream on the brownie and it really looks just like cement. A comedian ‘유세윤’ wrote a post about the Brownie on his SNS, so it was known to many people. javascript:autoInsertImg('photo/201908/3600_2349_5729.jpg', '▲ Cement Brownie', '660', 'center', 'i3', '2349') The cafe Palmpane provides a special service. If you go there with more than two people, you can borrow a picnic set and enjoy your picnic with palm trees. The beautiful view and eating delicious foods will make you relax and be happy. After you enjoy the cafe, there are various gift shops near the Plmpane. Therefore you can experience varied things in Aewol. javascript:autoInsertImg('photo/201909/3600_2350_51.jpg', '▲ CAFE PALMPANE', '660', 'center', 'i4', '2350')

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